Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California: He made her famous

I heard the people at work talking about this a couple of days ago. They were talking about Perez Hilton trash talking Miss California.

Since I am totally clueless on the hip Hollywood world, I actually thought they were talking about Paris Hilton. The ladies at work set me straight. Apparently this Perez fellow fancies himself a maker and breaker of Hollywood careers.

Well, congratulations Perez! You just made a new hero.

Problem is, this new hero he created is a conservative woman. Carrie Prejean.

Quick! Answer this question: Who is the new Miss USA?

Until I saw this video, I had no clue either, but I sure know who took second place.

The more she speaks, it is clear that she is a strong smart conservative Christian woman.

She believes in no more bailouts, marriage is between a man and woman, God and country.

I too would like to say: Thank you, Perez!

As Hot Air says: She is one of us.

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