Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are Americans safe?

You know when even the New York Times is playing it down the middle; this country may be in terrible trouble.

Last week, President Obama put partisan politics above the safety of Americans. President Obama released the classified interrogation practices of our CIA.

Easily this mistake has been the most crucial and possibly deadly decision of his young presidency.

Barack Obama is the president and he most certainly has the right to disagree with Bush administration and his advisors on what type of interrogation practices the CIA should adhere too. No doubt, the President has every right to not like the practices of the CIA and set new policies to change them. That debate and the changes should have taken place internally.

This information should have never taken place in the public eye. Doing so only emboldens our enemies and gives our enemies the inside information they need to plan and carry out attacks against the United States.

Now whether or not you believe that water boarding should be part of America’s arsenal of interrogation practices, we should be able to agree that making life easier on the enemies of the country is not a terrible bright thing to do.

Unfortunately, instead of privately making the changes that he desired, President Obama heeded the call of the extremists in his own party and decided that going after Bush administration individuals because of differences of opinion on what are expectable interrogation practices and what are not.

This decision was made based on partisan politics and was not based of what can be done to keep Americans safe.

See today’s Wall Street Journal.

This decision made by President Obama was meant to damage President Bush at the behest of his liberal friends. Our national security and the very safety of this country’s citizens are now in danger. Obama did it to make the left nutcases happy.

Don’t get me wrong, as citizens of this country, after 9/11, we all face some sort of danger anyway. It does not matter who is president, the success of the United States has created enormous enemies.

President Obama has made this country less safe and he did it for political reasons.

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