Friday, April 10, 2009

President Obama's bow: It is the lying that is the problem

Really, It is not the bowing to the Saudi royalty that is the problem, it the lying that is a problem.

I know that President Bush did it too, and he got creamed for it. As well he should have been creamed for it. No American President should be bowing to anyone, ever.

What amazes me is that the Obama administration is blatantly lying to the American people. How can you insist that he did not bow? We can clearly see that he did bow. Hey America, don't believe your lying eyes!

How is it that you would treat the American people with so little respect and treat them as if they are ignorant by denying what everyone can clearly see with their own eyes?

It is disrespectful to do this to the American people.

This issue would simply be over if the Obama administration has just simply said that "yes, he bowed to a Saudi and he should not have". Everyone would have moved on by now. Lying just makes it worse and the problem continue.

The Obama administration just needs stop lying to the American people, admit he screwed up, so we can all move on.

Edited to add:

My bad, Michelle Malkin is setting all of us right wingers straight. President Obama was not actually bowing he has just gotten into the latest dance craze. The new move is called "the Hunch of Hope".

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