Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I would have launched one up his keister

I know the title statement makes me an evil conservative, but I cannot help it. Have we learned nothing from 9/11?

Let me get this straight, a guy, born in Turkey, now a Canadian citizen, steals a plane in Canada from a flight school, flies into US airspace, refuses to make any sort of radio contact, even when visual contact was made, the pilot still refused to land, continues to fly around the US through 6 different and we did not plant one up this guy's keister???

Sorry folks, I got wound up listening to Jay Weber this morning.

We have no idea what this guy's intentions were. Our military had the opportunity to take this guy out over any number of empty corn fields and they did not.

There are so many reasons to bring this plane down, starting with 9/11. What if he was carrying a plane load of chemical weapons? I know that someone mentioned anthrax on the radio show, but it could be much worse than that. Our state capital shut down yesterday because no one had a clue what this guy was doing.

Even if this guy did avoid making any movement towards highly populated areas, he could have actually done more damage just by crash landing in Lake Michigan fully loaded with chemicals. This is the water we live off of in this state. (Michigan, Illinois and Ohio also live off of this water) How much water is sucked into our water filtration plants before the water is recognized as contaminated? Severely contaminating our water supply is a great way to launch a chemical war against America. Hey, since he didn't make any threatening moves toward a highly populated area, everything must be cool, right?

Can you imagine? The terrorists were watching this entire scene. If this was not meant as a dry run for terrorism(man caused disasters), it turned into one anyway.

Turns out the guys was suicidal who was attempting to get himself shot down...I would have obliged him.

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