Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is the buzz coming back?

Since I am one of the very few conservatives in southeast Wisconsin that is not at the McCain event at this very moment, I thought I would carry the mantle for conservatives during this lunch hour.

Being the chair of the Republican Party of Kenosha County, I have had several opportunities over the last several months to sit back and see what kind of traction the conservative movement is gaining or losing.

For months it was easy to see many dispirited folks. Let's face it, so many people did not pick John McCain as their first choice in this area. This area seemed to be more of a Fred Thompson/Mitt Romney area. When these two exited the race so early, folks became more dispirited. Slowing the tide was has been changing for John McCain. For many of us, the tide was moving way too slow.

But I have to say now, something has happened in the last month that has changed this election for conservatives.

Perhaps it was the drill here initiative started by Newt Gingrich that has fired up the conservatives.

Perhaps John McCain is talking a lot more about the issues that are important to conservatives such as tax cuts and earmark reform.

Perhaps is the obnoxious pro Obama media.

Perhaps is was the world tour that was launched by Barack Obama.

Something has triggered the conservatives. They are getting fired up now in southeast Wisconsin.

Even today's event kind of took me by surprise. The moment I sent out a blast email announcing it on Sunday night my phone started ringing. I had not even finished writing the second email group before folks were calling and asking for tickets. There were no actual tickets, but we RSVP'ed for them to the state.

My phone had not stopped ringing for the last several days. Normally I plug my cell phone in to be charged and stick it in my desk drawer. I normally just let my answering service pick it up and they leave a message and I call them back.

My phone has been ringing so much in my desk drawer that my co-workers are now cracking jokes. I have heard from people that I have not seen or spoken to in the last 4 years.

I know a hoard of Kenosha and Illinois residents hauled themselves to Racine today and I am looking forward to hearing of their experiences.

Sure, there are still a few folks that have swallowed their bitter pills and still are holding on to their anger, but I see very few of them anymore.

Whatever it is, let's keep it going.

If we cannot keep it going, we could be stuck with a guy who thinks inflating your tires will solve America's energy problem.

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