Wednesday, July 02, 2008

War for oil!

How many times have you heard about George Bush’s “War for Oil”?

Of course, here we stand, over 5 years after the start of the Iraq war, paying more than we ever have for a gallon of gas here in the United States.

Just taking a quick look at todays’s gas prices has clearly disproved the entire lefty-liberal “war for oil” mantra. Obviously if we had gone to war for oil, we would have more oil than we do now and prices would not be so high.

Even though we did not actually start a “war for oil”, maybe it is time to start.

You read that right- I am indeed suggesting that we start a “War for Oil”.

Now this is not your typical war where countries are invaded and soldiers die. It is a different type of a war altogether. A war that will not be fought with bullets and bombs, but it is a war that deeply and personally affects every single American.

Instead, what I am suggesting is that the American people declare war on their government over high gas prices. Currently, the Democrat leadership in the Congress is purposely blocking America’s production of domestic oil.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have decided in their infinite wisdom that they will not bring this issue to the floor of Congress for a vote. They will not hold a vote to end the moratorium against domestic drilling, nor bring the issue of drilling ANWR to the floor.

The Democratic leadership in the United States has declared war on the American people. That war is over oil.

According to the Democrat leadership, they are purposely trying to cut us off of our reliance on oil. It is not good for us, they say.

Problem is, must cars still run on gas and oil. Most homes in the Northeast are still heated by natural gas.

American families are struggling. Vacations and unnecessary travel is being cut. During the summer travel months when the tourist industry most needs Americans to travel, people are cutting back because they cannot afford the prices anymore.

The ever-increasing oil prices are affecting every economic area of our country, but probably the worst part is the hundreds of thousands of Americans that are losing their jobs. At the rate we are going, millions of Americans will lose their jobs as the cost of fuel rises over the next few years.

Clearly there is only one option left. We must declare our own “war for oil” and take our country back.

That battle starts right here in Wisconsin first. Call Senator Feingold (202-224-5323) and Senator Kohl (202- 224-5653) and declare your own personal “war for oil” on them. Be relentless.

Have you called your congressman? Do not be shy. Call them.

The Democrats, along with a few betraying Republicans have declared war on us. We must take back our government. They work for us.

With millions of jobs on the line and the family pocketbook under attack, now is the time to fight.

We must arm ourselves with the truth.

We must face our enemy head on and not back down.

Warm up your dialing trigger finger and start firing.

Every single Congressman or Senator that refused to vote to open up domestic oil drilling needs to be replaced!

We are at war, folks.

A war for oil!

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