Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stop the mute swan killings

I know to some, the killing of mute swans in Southeast Wisconsin is not a big issue.

However, it has lit a fire in Kim Roper and many residents in Kenosha County.

I have grown to admire and respect a woman that saw an injustice and decided it was high time for someone to fight the powers that be.

Of all the government power brokers to take on, Kim has been motivated to fight the powerful DNR.

The DNR answers to no one. At least this is what they want you to believe.

Ultimately they decide what projects proceed and what projects do not. There is zero consistency in their policies.

It makes you wonder if there is some money or "grants" exchanging hands that seem to loosen the DNR willingness to make a deal.

Now I do not have any evidence of this, I am just wondering.

Yesterday, Kim Roper lead the charge to have a small park dedicated to stopping the killings of mute swan. Kenosha News story link.

What seems like a small issue to some is really a big issue for others. I admire their fight.

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