Friday, July 04, 2008

In or out of Iraq, Barack?

This is the definition of leadership?

Barack Obama has promised the anti-war zealots for years that he will get American troops out of Iraq. Now that some stability is finally showing, he is not so sure.

Within a two hour time frame yesterday, Barack had gone from original position of removing troops from Iraq in 16 months, to re-evaluating troop withdrawals, and then switching back again to promising to remove troops in 16 months again.

Two hours!

New York Times:

Senator Barack Obama said Thursday that he might “refine” his plans for a phased withdrawal from Iraq after meeting with military commanders there later this summer. But later, he hastily held a second news conference: to emphasize his commitment to withdrawing all combat troops from Iraq within 16 months of taking office.

His two statements, made just hours apart in Fargo, N.D., reflected how the changing dynamics on the ground in Iraq have posed a challenge to Mr. Obama, as he tried to retain flexibility as violence declines there without abandoning one of the central promises of his campaign: that if elected he would end the war there.

Boy those folks in Fargo, N. D. must be so impressed with Barack's leadership skills!

Currently Barack Obama is trapped between pandering to the anti-war zealots that won him the nomination or facing the reality of what is happening in Iraq.

Certainly Barack cannot deny the positive steps forward in Iraq. Promising to yank the troops out even as they are having success with damage Iraq and the Middle East for years to come.

So the real question that Barack Obama is struggling to answer is:

Senator Obama, will you cower in fear in front of our enemies even as victory is so close, or will you pander to the people that are paying your way to the presidency?

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