Sunday, July 27, 2008

How many excuses is that now, Obama?

At the rate the Obama campaign is spinning his "refusal to meet the troops" story, it may be hard to keep up.

His first excuse "out of respect for the injured troops" he canceled.

When that story did not fly, it is now the fault of the Pentagon.

Absolutely no one, not the Pentagon, attempted to stop Obama from visiting the troops.

He was told he could not make it a campaign event, which is perfectly understandable. He certainly could bring his senate staffers, but no campaign staffers.

So what is the problem?

No cameras equals no interest in US troops?

What is wrong with just bringing his wife and visiting the troops?

This has done nothing more than prove that the Obama campaign cooked up the entire trip as a media event.

Obama's only interest is himself. I guess if the troops get in the way of his victory lap around Europe, well, too bad- he does not have time for them.

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