Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Property taxes- no kidding!

Yet another study out showing that Wisconsinites pay an incredible amount of their paychecks towards their property taxes.

Report: Wisconsin property taxes among highest

-- A new report says Wisconsin homeowners pay the ninth highest property taxes
in the country.

The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance report found Wisconsin property taxes
averaged 4.4 percent of personal income in 2006. The national average was 3.5

The study looked at 2006 property taxes because those were the most
recent available for all 50 states.

Northeastern states had the highest property taxes, with New Hampshire
leading at 5.7 percent.
The report says Wisconsin has been in the top 10 for
22 of the past 47 years, despite attempts at relief.

The state was ninth in 2005 and eighth in 2004.

This will come as no shock to most of you:

The report also shows Wisconsin property taxes rose 5.7 percent in 2008. That's
the largest single-year increase since 2005.

Wasn't Doyle the governor in both 2005 and also now in 2008?

Wasn't Senator Bob Wirch the state senator for the 22nd district during this time also?

Of course they were.

Right now, Senator Wirch and his minions are running all over town making the claim that under his leadership, our property tax ranking have been dropping.

Of course, you cannot get any more deceitful than Wirch is being with us. Property taxes have risen year after year after year, but he has the gall to run around telling people our ranking is dropping. Technically true because many states were increasing property taxes faster than Wisconsin and they passed us, we did not drop.

Well now what will Senator Wirch say? We have gone from 11th last year to 9th this year.

It is time for the light of the truth to shine on Senator Wirch's illustrious head.

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