Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome relief

There has been some welcome relief at the gas pump over the last few days.

In the last few days, a barrel of oil has dropped in price by almost $20, from $147 a barrel a week ago to around $128 yesterday.

So what catastrophic event took place that would cause the price of oil to drop that much in one week?

President George Bush announced that he was lifting the Presidential moratorium on drilling oil here in the US.

After all of the hullabaloo from the Democrats stating that gas would only drop $.05 even if we did drill for all right here in the US, was nothing more than a bunch of bunk.

Last Saturday, I bought gasoline at $4.129 a gallon, today- if I head over to Lou's I will pay $3.899. A total savings of $.23 a gallon.

Just the mere thought of Americans being one step closer to drilling their own oil, dropped the price down. Not one extra drop of oil was drilled when the President made his announcement, still the prices plummeted.

Of course, all of that can be reversed if the obstinate Democrats continue their ban on drilling for American oil.

You can see the quandary the Democrats are in. The people that poured billions of dollars into getting Democrats elected and reelected do not want America to be energy independent. They want Americans to rely on the government to meet their every need.

Still, the American people, who actually elect them into office are struggling. A mere $.23 a gallon is not nearly good enough.

The price of a gallon a gasoline when the Democrats took control of the Senate and Congress in 2007 was $1.75.

The total failure of the Democrat leadership, under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, costs the American people thousands every single year. Between the more than doubling of gas prices and sky-rocketing food costs, it is not like people have not noticed.

To hear the Democrats talk, this was all the fault of the oil man sitting in the White House.

Well, the oil man sitting in the White House has done his job to bring relief to the American people, where are the Democrats?

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