Saturday, July 05, 2008

Were they paying attention?

I sit here attempting to figure out if the editors at the MJS are just not paying attention or they are so stuck on there own liberal agenda, that they are willing to financially damage the city they live in.

Newspapers used to be the reflection of city or town they print in. With today's editorial you have to wonder where the editor's heads are located.

Once again, they are pushing for a sales tax increase and are doing it under the ruse of "Let the voters decide".

Perhaps the MJS did not notice that the voters have decided. Over and over the voters in Milwaukee have rejected the notion of more tax increases.

Barely more than three months ago the voters outright decided once again that they wanted Scott Walker as their county executive. The election was not even close.

The editorial board needs to get this though their heads:

The voters have elected Scott Walker to Milwaukee County Executive for three straight elections based on his "no tax increases" policy.

For over six years, the MJS has been ramming their tax increase agenda down the throats of their readers to support more transit and more money for parks.

For six years, the MJS has impaled Scott Walker on his "no tax increase" pledge. They have attempted to embarrass, humiliate, conjole and insult Scott Walker into bending to there will to increase taxes.

Scott Walker has just ignored the MJS' editors and so have the voters in Milwaukee County.

No campaign was more difficult to overcome than this last one run against Scott Walker.

State Senator Lena Taylor has a high profile job and name recognition, the full backing and financial resources of the governor, the full backing and resources of the Wisconsin Democrat Party, the full backing and the financial resources of liberal 527 groups and the full backing of the media.

All Lena Taylor had to do was convince the voters to allow her to raise taxes, just a little to support better transit and better parks.

The very same issue the editors are pushing were the very same issues Lena Taylor was running on just three months ago:


The race heated up a bit in recent weeks, with more than 20 debates and joint appearances in which Walker and Taylor took opposing views on nearly every issue. Taylor portrayed Walker as underfunding parks, social programs and bus service. Taylor argued that she had superior credentials, including a law degree.
So what has changed in the last three months that would convince the MJS editors to once again begin an all out assault on Scott Walker and the taxpayers to raise taxes?

Some of the new county board supervisors can be intimidated into over-riding Scott Walker's veto of the new sales tax.

It is doubtful that the taxpayers of Milwaukee County have changed their tune on tax increases.
But hey, MJS and County Supervisors, keep on ignoring the will of the people. We will see have far that gets you.

It got Lena Taylor crushed in the last election, we will wait and see if the taxpayers have changed their minds in the last three months.

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