Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AD66 Race

I found this information posted by Mr. Zamba's campaign.

"I'm Larry Zamba, the Democratic candidate in 2008 for Wisconsin's 66th Assembly District. If you want health care for everyone, green collar jobs, an environmentalist, a greater emphasis on alternative energy, and just bringing back the government to the people, you can find out more about my campaign at ..."
Apparently Mr. Zamba doesn't have a clue what the concerns of the residents of the 66th District are. He's just a crazy progressive-liberal-democrat that doesn't represent the majority of the citizens of the district. His only concern is to advance his own pet causes and not the concerns of the residents of the district.

Nowhere do I see anything about smaller government, reduced taxes, health care reform, lower gas prices, increasing employment or a better business environment in Wisconsin to promote job growth.

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