Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AD 66- should be an interesting race

Now, I am not a political expert. Sure, I probably know a smidgen more than your average person does, because being a political junkie does have a few benefits.

I get a kick out of studying the new candidates that will be running in this fall’s election.

Doing a little research on some of these new candidates can get quite entertaining sometimes.

One in particular has me a little curious.

Larry Zamba is running as a Democrat against Rep. Samantha Kerkman is western Kenosha County.

I guess what I find as a little startling is in doing a little research, based on his website, Mr. Zamba is a strong supporter of PETA and is anti-death penalty.

These are not normally issues that the folks in western Kenosha County embrace, but who knows.

It should be an interesting race between Mr. Zamba and Rep. Samantha Kerkman.

For years, Samantha Kerkman has been aptly representing Kenosha County. The western part of the district loves her.

Perhaps they love her so much because she is just one of them.

Samantha has lived her entire life in the western part of Kenosha County.

The residents have watched her grow up and graduate from their local high school, Wilmot. She stayed relatively close to home by attending college at UW-Whitewater. After graduation she then began working for very popular state Representative Cloyd Porter.

Samantha first ran for state Representative in 2000 and won a pretty comfortable victory with 58% of the vote. Since then, that is about as close of an election she would see. Her margin of victory has grown larger over the years. In 2006, she captured 75% of the vote.

The residents in western Kenosha have been very supportive of Samantha. They have watched her get married and begin her family.

Samantha has been their champion for almost 8 years in western Kenosha and she grows more popular each year. She have fought for them and stood by the residents for a long time.

I suppose I do not see any way possible that anyone can represent western Kenosha County better than Samantha Kerkman.

To the residents of western Kenosha County, Samantha Kerkman is one of them, she is family.

As I said, it should be an interesting race. I guess we will have to wait and see if Larry Zamba and his PETA family can turn Samantha Kerkman’s family against her.

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