Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Okay Republicans, stop laughing

My fellow Republicans, I know that it is really hard to stop laughing, but the Democrats are upset.

Was it just me, or did you the rest of you guys have trouble controlling the giggles as you watched the liberal pundits and liberal media goofs spitting and spinning on TV last night?

One woman in particular was near hysterics on MSNBC when talking with Pat Buchanan. I cannot stand Pat Buchanan most of the time, but he was pushing some buttons last night with some of the liberal media pundits.

Buchanan continued to ask the question ask the same question I have been asking- After being christened as the front runner, the new hope, the great messiah and all that jazz- Why is it Barack Obama is losing a big state like Pennsylvania to Hillary Clinton this late in the nominating process.

Barack Obama did not just lose in Pennsylvania; Hillary Clinton slaughtered him.

Now before you liberals go blathering about how much ground Obama made up against Hillary, please remember that he only won 5 of 67 counties in PA.


Worse yet, Obama tried to win this state- he outspent her 2 to 1 in this state.

Check out these categories he lost in:

Obama has lost the woman
Obama has lost the white vote (both men and women)
Obama has lost the blue collar vote
Obama lost the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish votes
Obama lost the Union vote
Obama lost the Suburban vote (he was to win big on this one)
Obama lost the vote of those identifying themselves as Democrats
Obama lost the vote of those making less than 50K a year

After last night, the latte lapping liberals will have to once again shamefully admit that the bitter, gun toting, bible reading, and church going middle class America defeated them.

Still, finding a latte lapping liberal who will admit that this could be a problem in the general election is difficult. Even with this latest Obama trounce, the media is in full throat denial of a problem.

Mr. Obama seems to get it. He proved as much when he responded to the Jeremiah
Wright controversy last month with an intelligent, soul-searching and deeply
personal speech that immediately reminded millions of Americans why they liked
him in the first place. It was a preview of what he’ll have going for him in
September and October, when the caricaturists really get to work.

Clearly, Obama getting his tail clobbered yesterday means nothing to these latte liberals.

As I said earlier, I could not help but laugh as Pat Buchanan attempted to get a straight answer from the liberal pundits last night and I thought one woman’s(I do not know her name) head was going to start spinning around and she would start spitting green soup.

It was very funny.

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