Monday, April 21, 2008

There is no crying in Politics (unless your last name is Clinton or Pelosi)

There is no crying in politics. However, sarcasm is a perfectly expectable reaction to Senator Chuck Hagel’s (RINO- Nebraska) stunning announcement this past weekend.

In fact, sarcasm is a perfectly acceptable reaction to anything Hagel does or says at any time!

Remember Chuck Hagel? He was, and actually still is, a U.S. senator from Nebraska. Last year he announced that he planned to decide whether America was worthy of having him as president. America was nervous. Would it make the grade?

In the end, it did not. Six months later, Chuck Hagel declared that not only wouldn't
he run for the president, but he wouldn't even defend his Senate seat.

America begged him to reconsider. It promised it would change. But it was too little, too late for Chuck Hagel. Now, Chuck Hagel says he may not even grace America with an endorsement in this year's presidential race:

I love those guys at the Wall Street Journal. Who says the number’s geeks do not have a sense of humor?

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