Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sexual Predator residency restriction ordinance passes in Kenosha

I was severely critical of our city council's move to table the sexual predator residency restriction ordinance in Kenosha. I felt it was important to take a stand one way or another on this issue.

In last night's meeting, the city council passed the residency restriction ordinance for sexual predators.

This is a great move on behalf of the city of Kenosha. This is one of the issues I spent a lot of time discussing with the citizens in my district during the election. Citizens were upset over the tabling of this issue by our city council.

I knew this was on last night's agenda, and I wanted desperately to be at last night's meeting to encourage the passage of this ordinance. However, I thought it would be tacky, rude and disrespectful to my opponent in last week's election to be there last night. My opponent has given 14 years of his life to the city of Kenosha and he did not deserve that from me. As it turns out, Alderman Sinclair was not at last night's meeting.

So I watch the proceedings from afar. Did you know that on Kenosha cable channel 25, you can watch the entire city council meeting live? Check it out sometime.

I appreciated both amendments added to the ordinance. One amendment pushed the start date for this ordinance for 90 days-giving the new city council a chance to address it. The second amendment by Alderman Ruffalo changed the wording to include not only schools, but "school property".

Yes, I have heard all of the arguments about "where do you put these guys?" and it does nothing to drive down recidivism rates.

I think it is the responsibility of the city leaders to protect the citizens and the children of our communities first, not necessarily worry about driving down recidivism rates and finding a place for sexual predators to live. These are lovely things and it would be great to find some magical fix to recidivism, but the first duty is to protect the citizens

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