Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wonderful day

It was a wonderful day today.

Today was the first in a long while where I did not have to worry about campaigning, a GOP function, or work.

With the exception of my commitment to the Lord(which is everyday), the day was my own.

So, I went to the Brewers game.

This was the only time I ever had the pleasure of watching the team on Opening weekend.

What a great game!

Ben Sheets was lights out! I have never seen him pitch this well, ever. The first inning, one, two, three- he struck out the side. He almost did it again in the fifth or sixth inning also- he got one and two, number three had two strikes on him and ended up hitting an infield dribbler to be thrown out.

Who the heck is Gabe Kapler and where did he come from? I love that guy! He homered both yesterday and today.

I did a little digging and it turns out he was in retirement after a devastating injury with the Red Sox. He was managing a 1A team for the Red Sox last year.

He is obviously making a case to stay with the team even after Cameron is back.

Don't you just love Jason Kendall?

What a no nonsense fellow. If you need a fly ball to get a runner home from third, he walks right up and hits a fly ball. If you need a baserunner to start some scoring, he is your guy.

Braun had a great day- 3 RBIs and a homer.

Then a tailgate after the game.

It was a relaxing and fun day. Just what I needed.

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