Monday, April 28, 2008

The Actual Cost of "Healthy Wisconsin"

While I was looking for some information last night on taxes, I found some interesting information about Wisconsin and its uninsured. (Look out math ahead.)

According to a report by the Taxpayer's Alliance (2006 data) 90.6% of Wisconsin residents have health insurance.

100% - 90.6% = 9.4% do not have insurance. (This report does not state how many are in between insurances, don't want insurance, etc.)

State population: 5,609,705 people

5,609,705 x 9.4% = 527,312 people do not have insurance (no breakdown of the number of children. Children would be covered under Badger Care if without insurance.)

$15,400,000,000 Cost of "Healthy Wisconsin"

$15,400,000,000 / 527,312 = $29,204.72

$29,204.72 That is what we, as taxpayers, are going to pay per uninsured person to have health care coverage through "Healthy Wisconsin."

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