Friday, June 22, 2007

What are they thinking?

My first thought when I read this, is whether or not the UAW accepted this.

Senate passes pro-renewables energy bill

Common sense tells us that this cannot be good for the American auto worker. For quite a few years, American cars and trucks were built big and tough. These are the types of vehicles Americans wanted- SUVs, minivans, etc.

No one could build these types of vehicles better than the American auto worker.

Now that the price of gas has soured, that is changing. These events are driving Americans to choose more fuel responsible vehicles.

However, American manufacturers are at a distinct disadvantage to the foreign manufacturers.

Then, the federal government stepped in. Instead of letting the markets drive Americans to more fuel efficient cars, the government feels the need to mandate change.

They just could not leave well enough alone.

When I read this news this morning- I immediately felt for the american auto worker. This could be devastating to some.

I was stunned to see the Democrats pushing this. How could they ignore one of their base groups, the UAW, and put the auto worker's jobs at risk?

Apparently, Detroit is not too happy this morning-

In a bitter defeat for Michigan automakers and lawmakers, the U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to hike fuel economy requirements 40 percent by 2020.

It is not like the Democrats did not know that the auto industry and the unions were against this.

The UAW was very vocal in coming out against this-

The United Auto Workers and the trade group that represents Detroit automakers sent strongly worded letters to a key Senate committee on Monday urging members to reject a bill that would dramatically raise fuel economy standards.

When do the Democrats actually start listening to the people that support them?

The latest move by the US Senate flies in the faces of the very people that have staunchly defended them.

Let's hope that the House has a little more sense that the Senate did.

Please vote "no" on this bill, Congressman Ryan.

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