Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Democrats just don't get it

There it is, in black and white; the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

After voting to pass the largest tax increase in the history of this state, Senator Russ Decker, Democrat,
had this to say:

Sen. Decker slammed Republicans as "a one issue party (taxes) with no mission."

No mission?

This statement by Senator Decker is truly one of the silliest things I have ever read.

Apparently, Senator Decker does not realize that the Republican's mission is to keep taxes at a level that people can afford to pay.

Keeping taxes at a reasonable rate is the mission of the Republicans!

Clearly this budget debate in our state government has brought out the primary goals of both political parties.

Democrats believe in charging Wisconsinites more in taxes, Republicans do not.

Wisconsinites have been pretty clear where their priorities lie. Taxes are important to them.

My guess is that the Democrats just do not get it.

Even a poll done as recently as last week show that the tax issue is the #1 priority of our state's residents. Taxpayers care about how much they are being charged in taxes by our government.

We are already one of the highest taxed states in the country.

Do the Democrats think that the taxpayer’s do not notice that they are being charged excessive taxes?

Perhaps the Democrats are planning to spend this next election year accusing Republicans of only caring about taxes.

I say, bring it on, Democrats!

I will be super excited if the Democrats want to debate tax increases during next year's election cycle.

So much of what happens in this state revolves around the tax issue. Obviously funding is needed for education, roads, safety, etc…

As good Wisconsinites, most of us are willing to pay our fair share.

However, the tax increases the Democrats and Governor Doyle are proposing, are not fair.

A 23% budget increase is horrifying! Even the Governor’s 9% was horrifying!

As taxpayers, we want to be treated fairly by our government.

Not only is this not fair- it is downright thievery for the Democrats to do this to the residents of this state.

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