Sunday, June 24, 2007

Did he really say that?

What a goof Mort Kondrake is becoming.

Last year, when Congress' approval rating was low and they tossed out the Republicans, folks believed that the Republicans were to blame. Rightly so.

Now that the Democrats have control and Congress' numbers are even lower than the Republican controlled Congress, Kondrake believes that this is still the fault of the Republicans.

Check out this exchange:

HUME: All right, suppose, Mort, these numbers persist into 2008. Does this mean that the Republicans have a chance of getting back in in the Congress or is it going to be a pox on all houses?
KONDRACKE: Every indication is that what the public wants is a change. and my guess, the next change is to deliver the entire government into the hands of the Democrats, and let them try it, try their--
HUME: So the public, in your view, is blaming the Republicans, and that's why they don't like Congress?
KONDRACKE: They don't like what is happening in Washington, but one formula that has not been tried lately is all Democratic rule. We haven had a Democratic president, a Democratic Congress since the Clinton administration. And I think that the public will want to try that.

Huh? I don't know how Brit Hume kept from laughing in his face.

Thank goodness for the voice of reason:

KRAUTHAMMER: I find it hard to interrupt a drop in Congressional approval when liberals and Democrats take over as an indication that the public is going to want them even stronger in 2008. I think if anything, this bodes ill for Democrats.

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