Monday, June 11, 2007

Oops, they did it again and again and again....

Over and over and over again, each Democrat on the Joint Finance Committee voted to support Governor Doyle's massive tax increases.

Not one single Democrat had the courage to stand up for the people of Wisconsin.

Instead every single Democrat on the committee fought with reckless abandon to pile on to the Wisconsin taxpayers. It is almost like the pressure put on the taxpayers never crossed their minds. Never once did it cross the minds of these Democrats to control spending. In fact they increased spending.

This is absolutely one of the worst budgets I have ever seen written. Normally, government attempts to hide tax increases in a budget.

Not this time. This tax increases are being loudly defended and loudly cheered by the Democrats in the legislatures.

Check out these tax increases-

The cigarette tax gets to stay- 8 Democrats voted for it, 8 Republicans voted against it.

Higher gas prices- 8 Democrats voted for it, 8 Republicans voted against it.

Higher taxes on hospital stays were no problem for the Democrats- once again, the vote was 8-8. The Republicans tried to get the hospital tax removed- the Dems would not hear of it.

and on and on.

These Democrats even had the audacity to fight for a $5.00 tax on small business just to file their taxes!

5 lousy bucks and the Democrats could not let it go. How pathetic!

Tax increase after tax increase after tax increase, the Dems stood together. They want your money and they want it now!

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condiforprez said...

But it's for the children and the poor.

Oh, don't forget WEAC, and the road builders and the trial lawyers and and and ...