Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do people care about this issue?

For months we have heard from the media and the political pundits about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the firing of eight prosecutors.

Quite honestly, I am not sure how many people care about this subject.

Normally, when the media and political pundits work themselves up over an issue, you find that Americans also get worked up.

Now, I have only taken my own personal impromptu poll, so this is not scientific.

I have plenty of friends who are Democrats ranging from hard core to mild mannered voters. I also have some friends who call themselves independents.

Over the last month or so, I have asked many of these friends- "Should Attorney General Alberto Gonzales be fired?".

The number one answer when I asked this question was "Who is Alberto Gonzales?" Sigh!

I was surprised by a few hardcore Democrats who said "No, Bush can fire whomever he wants."

Of course, there who two hardcore Dems that exclaimed "Yes". When I asked why- one started bashing Bush over the Iraq war. The other one started ranting about the Patriot Act. Neither of them discussed the issue at hand, the eight procecuters that were actually fired.

As the media works itself into another tizzy today, I want to ask you folks.

Does America care about Alberto Gonzales and the eight fired prosecuters?


Anonymous said...

People do care about fair justice. Always have.
Remember John Mitchell, your GOP Atty Gen who went to prison?

Why not try one of the other diversionary GOP topics, flag's Flag Day.
Or prayer in schools, or why not just break into the Dem Nat'l. Headquaters again?

Face it. The GOP is in serious trouble, and by their own doing. Nobody gave them any help.
And the GOP knows it. So avoiding reality is going to go

Except maybe the 70% of voters who are really angry at Republicans.

jeff said...

Like the Congress which is controlled by Democrats is anymore popular.

Maybe the people are saying, "A pox on both your houses."

Kate said...

What the heck does John Mitchell have to do with diddly?

jeff said...

I assume that goofticket associates the actual criminal acts of that AG with the supposed criminal acts of the current one.