Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am not too proud to beg.

I am not too proud to beg.

No one- absolutely no single Senator should be voting for the horrifying budget.

Let's start with the fact that if this budget passes as the Senate Democrats have proposed, it will be the largest tax increase in the history of this state.

The $15.2 billion payroll tax increase offered by the Senate Democrats for socialized health care alone makes this the largest increase in history. Of course, we all know that there are alot more tax increases in this budget, besides this health care stuff. $1.7 billion in tax and fee increases!

I, like others, believe that this issue by the Democrats is totally bogus. This issue is purely a distraction technique put forward by the Senate Democrats.

I agree with Brian Fraley and Owen Robinson. The Democrats are just playing games.

I believe that the Senate Democrats want to get folks talking about health care and start ignoring the massive tax increases proposed in this budget.

The distraction technique will not work.

I couldn't help but notice that yesterday, while everyone is talking about the socialized health care- the Senate Democrats stuck a few more tax increases into this budget.

For one, the Democrats have decided that business's do not pay enough in taxes. So instead of just charging taxes made on profits in the state of Wisconsin, they are going to charge for the parent company's profits also. That is right, folks. The Democrats plan on taking on profits made by a company in other states. That's another $90 million in taxes that Wisconsin business' will pay to the Democrats.

They reason for doing this?

"Other states do it", sniveled the Wisconsin Democrats. (obviously, this is not a direct quote)

Of course, we cannot forget about the Democrats adding another $26.7 million more taxes for registering heavy trucks in the state of Wisconsin. As if Doyle registration fee increases in this budget were not bad enough, the Democrats decided they would pile on additional fees to Wisconsin trucking companies.

They reason for doing this?

"That tax has not been raised since 1997", sniveled the Democrats.(once again, this is not a direct quote)

Don't even get me started on the rental car tax to be imposed only on those living in Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee. The Democrats also added this to the budget yesterday.

It is truly stunning the Senate Democrats would pile on the tax and fee increases above the level that Governor Doyle has piled on.

It is a pretty safe bet that this ridiculous budget will be passed by the Senate Democrats today.

Still, we have to fight the Democrats every single step of the way.

Call the Democrat senators and insist that this budget not be passed.

As the chair of the Republican Party of Kenosha County, politically, this budget, with it's billions in tax increases, will hurt the Democrats in 2008. This should bode well for Republicans.

However, there are issues that are bigger than politics here. This budget has to be stopped. Wisconsinites cannot afford.

Don't be too proud to beg.

Contact your Senators today!

Here is a list of our state senators.


RAG said...

Not sure I agree about "socialized medicine" but you are right on target that this is something that should be the result of careful study apart from politics. Who knows -- maybe there's some merit in this -- but shouldn't everyone affected have a right to be heard?

Kate said...

"Other states" may do it, but other states have a much larger population than Wisconsin. And it still doesn't make it right. :/