Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I assumed it was fake

Like many others, I read the so-called interview by Eugene Kane and I thought it was fake.

Charlie Sykes is also questioning the validity of this interview.

The guy is a editorialist, it does not have to be real.

However, to give the impression that it might be real, is truly unethical.

Of course, it may be real. Wink,Wink.


Real Debate said...

There is no question it was fake, he presented it as real.

And since when did ethics matter to him?

RAG said...

I never thought it was a "real" interview -- and some of it was thought provoking. Actually, it was one of Eugene Kane's better pieces.

K. Carpenter said...

Really, thought provoking?

What I saw was a farce.

I saw no plan for the future and the article even implies that their is no hope for the future.

I am really curious as to what you saw.

RAG said...

While I often disagree with Eugene Kane -- usually because he's more likely to be stuck in a time warp and more likely to be part of the problem than part of the solution -- he hit on something here when he outlined that there are groups of amoral young thugs running around Milwaukee with no positive values, no sense of responsibility to the community and adrift to plunder and pillage. These young men are not future oriented. While he offers no solutions he does at least correctly identify these thugs for what they are and, in an way usually uncharacteristic for Eugene Kane, he does not appear to apologize for them.

BTW--you're welcome to check out my blog.

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