Monday, June 04, 2007

Vote buying- the ultimate betrayal

How could they do it?

How could any American actually pay cash for someone to vote?

To me, it is the ultimate betrayal of American values.

I am certain that I am not the only American or Wisconsinite that feels that vote buying is the ultimate betrayal of American values.

When reading about the new charges brought against a McGee supporter for buying votes, I have to say, most Wisconsinites are not the least bit surprised. Wisconsinites knew it was happening long before McGee and his cohorts in crime starting buying votes.

For years, vote buying has been a common practice.

Congress has made it a daily habit to buy votes via pork projects. The problem has gotten so bad that it is now standard practice in congress.

Even as recently as the Iraq war funding bill in Congress, the Democrats crushed the bill down with $21 billion in pork projects in order to buy certain votes from certain members of Congress. Without these projects, who knows if the bill would have passed on merit alone.

On the state level, the problem is also focused on special interest money. During the 2004 election cycle- incumbent State Senator Bob Wirch received $586,663 from special interests groups. Alone, Senator Wirch did not even raise half that amount of money.($216,801) Senator Wirch's opponent, Reince Priebus, only received $5961. That is about one-tenth of the money that Wirch received.

WEAC alone, spent $569,270 to get Senator Wirch re-elected.

With these types of staggering numbers, is their any doubt that Senator Wirch will be very loyal to WEAC? After all, WEAC has bought and paid for his loyalty.

We see that vote buying has trickled down to the local political level as well.

Only now, cold hard cash is being handed out by politicians or political supporters to get people to the polls.

This is totally pathetic. We have a system that is totally out of control.

Politicians can squawk about pretend election reform and pretend campaign reform. However, if truth be told, only the voters will be able to fix the system.

As voters, it is time for us to demand integrity.

For years, Wisconsin voters have overwhelmingly supported a voter ID requirement in order to vote.

However, Governor Doyle and the Democrats have stood in the way of Voter ID and bringing back integrity to the system.

Governor Doyle has vetoed a simple requirement of voter ID on three separate occasions.

This is truly stunning considering the fact that even a majority of Democrats want a Voter ID requirement. Less than a year ago- 78% of Wisconsinites wanted a voter ID requirement.

Ignoring all of these folks, the Democrats in Wisconsin have hurled accusations at Republicans stating that we just do not want the elderly or the minorities to vote.

That is hogwash! Democrats are only trying to provide a distraction as they continue to fail to bring a honest open system of government to the people.

Just like most of Wisconsin, Republicans want to take one single small step towards bringing integrity back to a very damaged system.

Voter ID will not end vote fraud. It is one step in the right direction to bring confidence back to the voters that our election system can be honest again.

I know this- our forefathers never imagined that our system would end up becoming this damaged. During the women's suffrage movement- this is not the kind of system women were hoping to join.

During the civil rights movement, this dishonest system was not what Martin Luther King dreamed about. Being the type of man he was

Step #2- eliminate same day registration.

As voters, we have been betrayed!

It is time to take the first step towards a open and honest government. Call your legislators and demand voter ID!

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