Friday, April 13, 2007

You tell 'em, Congressman Ryan

In case you missed it- the Democrats, in Congress, passed a budget that would increase taxes by $400 billion dollars. In fact, it is the largest tax increase in history.

The media has been virtually silent on this issue.

Congressman Ryan points out the fallacies in the Democrat's tax increase plan-

The most outrageous claim House Democrats made about the budget they passed last month is that it doesn't raise taxes. Numbers don't lie, and by the numbers in their budget, Democrats would impose the largest tax increase in American history - nearly $400 billion over the next five years.

While they keep denying it, the Democrats' budget relies on higher tax brackets, cutting the child tax credit in half, significantly increasing capital gains and investment taxes, eliminating marriage penalty and death tax relief, and a host of other tax increases.


1 comment:

BBG said...

Dems ='s higher taxes Simple as that. Also Dems ='s BILLIONS in pork when it should be about our armed forces getting the supplies they need NOT peanut storage.

Way to go Paul. Tell it like it is.