Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A New Era

Yes- the rumors are true. Brad Courtney will be stepping down as the RPW chair.

As always, the standard reason for Brad stepping down is for “family reasons”. Anyone who has carried on a conversation with Brad Courtney realizes that his family is very important to him. Clearly, his daughters are so important to him and his really enjoys being part of their lives.

Before Brad rides off into the sunset, I would like to thank him for stepping in and taking over during a very difficult election cycle. Even better, Brad stood up for the local grassroots volunteers several weeks ago and told the RNC that Wisconsin’s volunteers would be making no more phone calls this year. The grassroots folks are worn out from these phone calls.

Thanks for taking a stand, Brad!

So what is next for the RPW?

Reince Priebus is the next logical choice.

I did talk to Reince briefly this morning about this and things do seem to be moving towards him. Currently Reince in the 1st Vice Chair of the RPW.

I am truly excited about the changes taking place in the RPW.

After the punishment that Republicans took in 2006, it is great to see that we have some stronger leadership stepping up to the plate.

Reince recognizes that for many years, Republican legislatures in Wisconsin have promised tax protections, and they have not delivered.

This I am sure of, Reince Priebus will work with our Republican state legislators and push them back to the basics of Republican values.

Our Republican state legislators need to get back to fighting to keep our taxes down, reduce the reach of government in our lives and protecting our basic constitutional rights.

What happens if Reince decides to run for office again?

I think it would be great. Here is a person who is willing to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

It is great to see the Republican Party of Wisconsin willing to make the positive changes in order to move the party forward.

As Reince said- we are entering a new era. For years, Tommy Thompson has been the leader or figurehead of the RPW. Those days are over.

Now the time has come for the RPW to show some strong leadership and unity in order to move the party to the next level.

Thanks again, Brad.

Good Luck, Reince.


BBG said...

Reince is a true conservative and a warrior. Maybe he can get our so called conservative elected to find their back bone and vote like conservatives.
Can we all say ZERO tax and fee increase??

jeff said...

I see him as someone who will mirror the Republican ideals of equal opportunity for all not just those like us.

Dad29 said...

Don't know the guy except through blogspots like yours.

Let's hope that he helps the elected Pubbies to understand why the grassroots are restive...