Tuesday, April 03, 2007

****Vote Today****

Today is the day, get out and vote.

We also have several friends running in various races-

Fred Dooley for Alderman, Racine District 7

Jeff Albrecht for Silver Lake Village President.

Alex Tiahnybok for Pleasant Prairie Village President.

Jeff Lauer for Pleasant Prairie Village Trustee #3

Larry Matson for Pleasant Prairie Village Trustee #1

Annette Ziegler for Wisconsin State Supreme Court

Howard Skinner for Twin Lakes Village President

Sharon Bower for Twin Lakes Village Trustee

Aaron Karow for Twin Lakes Village Trustee

Win or Lose- there is a party tonight in Pleasant Prairie. EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Alex Tiahnybok will be hosting a party at Ray Radigan's, located at 11712 Sheridan Rd, Pleasant Prairie.

Right next door to Ray Radigan's is Ruffalo's. There is another party going on for Jeff Lauer and Larry Matson.

Parties start at 8:00pm

Obviously we will be running back and forth between the two parties.

So get out and vote, then join the party!

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