Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Edwards $400 haircut

I am a pretty staunch believer that most of the mainstream media are quietly supporting the Hillary camp for President.

So I was not the least bit surprised when I read this article from the Associated Press-

Looking pretty is costing John Edwards' presidential campaign a lot of pennies. The Democrat's campaign committee picked up the tab for two haircuts at $400 each by celebrity stylist Joseph Torrenueva of Beverly Hills, Calif., according to a financial report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

FEC records show Edwards also availed himself of $250 in services from a trendy salon and spa in
Dubuque, Iowa, and $225 in services from the Pink Sapphire in Manchester, N.H., which is described on its Web site as 'a unique boutique for the mind, body and face' that caters mostly to women.

A spokeswoman for Edwards' campaign did not respond to requests for comment.
Torrenueva _ who specializes in men's haircuts _ confirmed in an interview with The Associated Press that Edwards is a longtime client and friend.

'I do cut his hair and I have cut it for quite a while,' Torrenueva said. 'We've been friends a long time."


I find this paragragh especially telling-

Edwards, 53, who has made alleviating poverty the central theme of candidacy, has been criticized for building a 28,000-square-foot house for $5.3 million near Chapel Hill, N.C. The complex of several buildings on 102 acres includes an indoor basketball court, an indoor pool and a handball court.

I am a little curious why the Edwards campaign would be paying for these things. The Edwards campaign is then forced to report these costs publicly.


condiforprez said...

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. So pretty and witty and bright. Need I say more?

BBG said...

LOL to condi thats funny. It's how he can afford 400 bucks for a trim that is sad. Can we all say SUE the medical field??

jeff said...

Just another example of do as I say not as I do.

condiforprez said...

Hasn't he heard of Supercuts?