Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where is the improvement?

Another disturbing report came out yesterday on exactly how well Milwaukee schools are doing.

For years, WEAC and school administrators have fought comparisons between schools in other states and Wisconsin schools.
Their reason-
Comparisons in the report from the Council of the Great City Schools, an organization that advocates for 66 large school districts, are tentative because of the different definitions of proficient used by states and school systems across the country. In other words, what it means to be proficient in reading in Milwaukee may or may not be comparable to what it means in any of the other school districts.
For sake of argument, let's toss out comparing Milwaukee schools to schools in other states.
The new report shows that Milwaukee is doing worse at educating kids than they were four years ago.
Here is the chart-

This is a very disturbing trend.

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condiforprez said...

You forgot about Chicago Math. Now as a student of the 80s & 90s I don't know how Chicago Math works. But I'm sure if you used Chicago Math these numbers are really better than they appear.