Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Right on!

Currently- the Wisconsin Research Policy Institute is running a series of articles asking the question "Is Conservatism out of Gas?".

Yesterday, Congressman Paul Ryan was the first to answer the question-

Conservative Principles That America Needs


Contrary to the views of some pundits, sweeping Republican losses at the polls last November did not signify a repudiation of conservatism. “Republican” is not always synonymous with “conservative” and the divergence between the two has been spotlighted in recent years for American voters to see.


Today's response to the question is from Charlie Sykes and it is very good-

Not Dead Yet


The left needs massive tax hikes, in part, because they are also intent on bringing back the push for national health care. Both sides should remember that the last time the issue was raised, it resulted in a conservative electoral landslide. The public hates health insurance companies, but they fear government bureaucracy more. They’ve been to the Division of Motor Vehicles and they don’t want to turn over their health care to the same people.


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