Friday, November 10, 2006

Won’t it be nice to finally blame someone else?

If there is one single wonderful thing to come out of this past week’s national elections is that Democrats can no longer blame Republicans for everything.

For example, pork barrel spending is too high. Blame they Democrats, they are in charge. They are now the folks controlling the spending purse.

If you do not like your tax increases, blame the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi has already promised they will repeal Bush’s tax cuts.

Gas prices too high? The Democrats have already promised to go after those evil oil companies. After all, once they repeal all the tax cuts for the oil companies, who gets to pay for all of the new developments? Yes, that is right. You and I get to pay for them.

New drilling and new refineries? As we already know, the Democrats are dead set against anything to do with oil. So, forget about this also. The evil oil companies should not get any richer off new oil wells and new refineries.

Oh, by the way, if a hurricane hits that will be the Democrat’s fault also. Why? I do not know why. Perhaps it is for the same reason that Bush and the Republicans were at fault.

Every single job that heads to China or anywhere overseas- this will be the fault of the Democrats also. Clinton was the one who signed the lovely NAFTA agreement, after all.

Every single terrorist’s attack around the world is certainly not the fault of Republicans anymore. This will be the Democrat’s fault also. They have made it clear they are dead set against listening in to the phone calls or tracing the money of terrorists or even keeping the terrorists off the battlefield and in a prison like Gitmo.

If you do not like government corruption, well that is too bad. This issue is no longer important, the Democrats are in charge now and can trust them to be on the up and up at all times. Do not even bother to ask the question about corruption because the Democrats will keep an eye on the evil Republicans.

Who is going to watch the Democrats? Why the extremely trustworthy Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, of course.

How about the Social Security crisis that we will face in 2008 when all of the baby boomers start retiring? Blame the Democrats, they are now in charge and solely responsible for fixing the problem. Chances are pretty good, the Democrats will raise our taxes to fix the crisis.

If you think the country is being flooded with illegal immigrants, just wait. These are the same folks that want to give money to illegal immigrants for college, homes and medical care. Blame the Democrats.

Medicare problems? Blame the Democrats
Terrorism? Blame the Democrats
North Korea problem? Blame the Democrats
Hamas problems? Blame the Democrats
Iranian problems? Blame the Democrats
Activist judges? Blame the Democrats
Gitmo problems? Blame the Democrats
Does the war in Iraq really bother you? Blame the Democrats- they voted for it.

So does all of this sound completely ridiculous to you? Yes?

The reason it sounds so ridiculous is that it is completely ridiculous.

However, if you step back for just a moment and think about all of the issues that Democrats have blamed on Bush and the Republicans. You will see that this is only a tiny portion of the problems that Democrats have blamed Republicans for.

So, is it totally and completely appropriate for Republicans to start whining, complaining and throw a hissy fit at every possible moment?

No, the Republicans will not be throwing any hissyfits. Nor will they be whining and complaining that they are no longer in power. The Republicans know why they are not in power and they have a responsibility to fix the problems they created for themselves. I have complete confidence that they will fix their own problems.

If truth be told, now the Democrats will answer to the people. For years, the Democrats have been given a pass for unethical behavior and poor governing. Not anymore.

Whether the Democrats like it or not- they now answer to the people directly. George Bush and the Republicans can no longer be their scapegoats.


Jay Bullock said...

That's kind of funny, since for the last several years, with Dems completely out of power in Washington, Republicans have been blaming the Dems when things go badly, or when Bush can't get his way.

krshorewood said...

Some basic civics.

The President proposes and the Congress disposes.

Let me also help you out with letting you know that much of things are under the control of the Executive Branch, and the rest Nancy Pelosi is going to fix in about, oh so, 100 hours.

Yeah I dread going back to balanced budgets, peace and prosperity. We're there for you.

grumps said...

And actually, for the last few days most Republicans have done little except whine and throw hissy fits.

I'm not sure why we should expect the Bush blame game to change for the next two years.

Kate said...

Oh, I dunno... I think Kathy hit a few nails directly on their heads. :)

Anonymous said...

All this "we are family" and "we'll get along" is crap. The only reason the DEMS are being cooperative is that they haven't been sworn in yet. Wait until their first minutes in power, and then hide your wallets, savings accounts, pensions and assets of any kind, because Pelosi and the rest of her vermin are out to screw anyone and everyone with any thought of conservatism running in their brains. They say they want to work together? OK, HOLD THEM TO THEIR WORD, OR RUN THEM BACK OUT IN TWO YEARS.

atarijpb said...

Lon -

The train of imaginary horribles left the station some time ago. Next time please try to make it onboard instead of telling us all about it.

For a healthy dose of reality, look no further than last Tuesday. Really - vermin? Grow up.

jeff said...

For the Democrats in the coming 2 years, I think that their situation will be best summed up by that great philosopher, Mr. Spock, from the original STAR TREK series.

In the episode, 'Amok Time' where the Enterprise goes to Vulcan so Spock can get married, mate, and not die, the episode ends with Spock's half-brother ending up with Spock's intended bride.

Spock says to his brother, "The pleasure in having is rarely as pleasurable as the wanting."

For the Democrats, this means they will find that having the power and controlling both the Senate and the House may not be as wonderful as they thought up to now. Instead of saying what they would do if they were in charge, they have to perform now.

In other words, They've talked the talk; now they have to walk the walk.


kenoshakid1 said...

Actually Kathy you are wrong. The Dems have not even been sworn in and you are stating that the US situation is not the republicans fault. The last I checked, Bush and Cheney - along with a conservative court, are still there. True leadership is taking your lumps and raising above it. Can the GOP do that?

jeff said...

The Party is admitting its mistakes and moving to correct them for the 2008 election. Healthy self-examination is always good. Much better than blaming hanging chads and hacked voting machines.