Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats win big

Not only did the Democrats win big in Wisconsin, they won big nationwide.

As Senator Talent from Missouri put it-

"It was not for lack of effort, the headwind was just very, very strong this year," Talent told subdued supporters.

To be sure, the headwind was very strong. Still, I think it was something more.

The national electorate has been saying they are not happy and have not been happy for the last two years. As they should have, the Democrats played on this and won because of it.

Republicans lost their focus on real issues that voters care about. Instead of talking about taxes, immigration and voter ID, we found ourselves talking about stem cell research. To be sure, stem cell research is important, however, this does not drive voters to the polls.

The simple fact is we did not get our message of lower taxes, stopping illegal immigration and fixing the broken voter system out to the public.

It will take a unified message from Republicans and a committement to clean government to right this ship.


steveegg said...

I wish I could believe that lower taxes and stopping illegal immigration were the Republican message. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

On lower taxes, you had the state Legislature kill both TABOR and TPA. You also had the Senate (including a few RINOs) roadblocking making any of the Bush tax cuts permanent.

On stopping illegal immigration, you had President Bush and the Senate Republicans actually encouraging more illegal immigration by insisting on amnesty.

Finally, on clean goverment, it's a double-standard. 'Rats Jim Doyle, Rod Blagojevich, Bob Menendez and William "Cold Cash" Jefferson all winning rather handily.

jeff said...

I agree we need to talk about the issues and not do the stupid name-calling and mocking that passed for politicial discourse in the election season. The message doesnt have to be wholly unified, just honest, and the Party needs to be a place where all sides can feel free to air their views and not be called things like RINOS.