Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The taxpayer gets pounded again

The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted to override Scott Walker's veto and stick it to the taxpayers.

The Supervisors will be increasing taxes on Milwaukee County residents.

Clearly Scott Walker showed that a budget could be proposed that would not increase anyone's taxes.

The board had a choice. Either they increase the taxes on the county residents or they follow Scott Walker's plan.

Worse yet, the county still cannot pay the bills, even with the tax increase. They budget goes out of balance on January 1st. How irresponsible is this?

The Milwaukee County Board stood behind its version of the 2007 county budget this afternoon, overriding County Executive Scott Walker's veto with two votes to spare.

The 14-5 vote followed stern words of criticism for Walker's unusual decision to veto the entire $1.2 billion budget.

Supervisors defended their moves to restore tax funding for public safety, parks, social services and other programs. With today's vote, those changes become part of the budget.

Walker this week said the board-approved budget overtaxed, ignored the county's long-term fiscal challenges and would quickly be out of balance. He objected to the 3.6% tax levy increase.

The votes did not change from last week, when the board adopted the budget.

Voting to override and stand by the board-approved budget: Supervisors Gerry Broderick, Toni Clark, Elizabeth Coggs-Jones, Lynne DeBruin, Marina Dimitrijevic, Willie Johnson Jr., Michael Mayo Sr., Ryan McCue, Richard Nyklewicz Jr., Roger Quindel, John Weishan Jr., Peggy West, James White and County Board Chairman Lee Holloway.

Voting to sustain Walker's veto and start over on crafting a new budget: Supervisors Mark Borkowski, Paul Cesarz, Dan Devine, Joseph Rice and James Schmitt.

This board of supervisors proved how completely inept they are. Even with tax increases, they cannot balance a budget!

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BBG said...

I wonder who will get blamed for either an increase in taxs or the layoffs of county "workers??"