Thursday, November 23, 2006

Okay- this is embarrassing...

Why is it that when my very own state Senator Bob Wirch is actually quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he is saying something outlandish?

Every year, the state legislators and the governor have hundreds of thousands of state maps printed up with the governor's picture on it.

Total cost for these maps? $232,500!

The state legislators then "put their names on them and often hand them out to constituents like candy."

When confronted with a $1.6 billion budget deficit, and a proposal to eliminate the state map give away, what did our lovely state Senator, Bob Wirch have to say about it?

"I would hope they would find other (savings), besides a service to our citizens," said state Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Kenosha), referring to the proposed elimination of the maps.

"People pay a lot of taxes in this state," said Wirch, who gives out thousands of maps each year. "I think they've got a right to get a map. . . . They'd have to pay for it, otherwise."

That's right folks. Our super genius state senator actually believes that people have the "right" to a free map.

When it comes to dealing with serious budget issues, Senator Wirch has no clue. This guy has been our state senator for 18 years!

So since we cannot save $232,000 by eliminating the map give-away, how does Senator Wirch propose we close the $1.6 billion deficit?

Who knows?

In all the years that Senator Wirch has been our senator, I have never once heard him propose any cuts to the state budget. NEVER! Perhaps he has and I have missed it, but Wirch's reputation certainly proceeds him.

I apologize for my senator to all the overtaxed Wisconsinites who believe our state government is spending way too much money on trivial items.


Kate said...

A regular "rocket scientist", that one.

jeff said...

If the Senator feels so strongly about citizens getting 'free' maps, let him pay for it out of his campaign funds or out of his own pocket.