Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who wants to see the price of gas go up in Wisconsin?

Who wants to see the price of gas go up in Wisconsin?

Why, the Democrats, of course!

Democrats are proposing that Wisconsin remove the sales tax exemptions from a whole bunch of items.

Sales tax exemptions come under scrutiny

We could literally see a tax increase of $3.9 billion.

With local governments pinched for cash and public schools tethered to the unpopular property tax, some officials are trying to win support for canceling some of the sales tax exemptions worth at least $3.9 billion a year.


Of course, the Democrats "theory" is that by doing this, they would eventually reduce property taxes.

So does anyone believe the Democrats will really reduce your property taxes?

We already pay a state mandated gas tax, the Democrats are proposing increasing the price by another 5% by eliminating the sales tax exemption.

Check out this list

Hat tip- Owen at Boots and Sabers

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Kate said...

Just one more reason to add to the ever growing list of why we'll be leaving this state!