Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MJS creating their own issue

I am still amazed that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "created" their own news.

On Sunday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took issue with sick leave and the legislators. I commented on it-

I know that I am supposed to be outraged, but...

Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel can now pat itself on the back for forcing legislators to address this "horrifying outrage".

Legislators plan to examine sick leave

Let me issue this challenge to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Name one single solitary legislator, Republican or Democrat, who has ever taken their sick leave and turned it into insurance payments. Just name one!

So far there is zero evidence that any single legislator has ever used this so called "benefit".

Until I see evidence that the system is being abused by legislators, then it is awful hard to get worked up over this issue.

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