Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Americans and Iraqis will die because of the New York Times

Well, the New York Times has gone and done it again.

Today, the New York Times leaked a classified memo between the President and NSA Head Stephen Hadley. In this memo, Stephen Hadley comments about his lack of confidence in the Iraqi PM.

So the meeting that was supposed to take place today that was supposed to help the new Iraqi government was postponed because of the leak from the New York Times.

President Bush's high-stakes summit with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was put off Wednesday after public disclosure of U.S. doubts about his capacity to control sectarian warfare. The White House said the two leaders would meet on Thursday.

This leak will emboldened the terrorists in Iraq.

This leak has undercut the new Iraqi government.

Even if the US actually wants to help the new Iraqi PM, the new PM has now been completely discredited by the New York Times leak.

So how many more American soldiers will die as a result? How many more Iraqis will die?

The New York Times is no longer a useless national newspaper, they are now a dangerous newspaper.

I hold the New York Times and it's editors responsible for more American and Iraqi deaths because they have emboldened the terrorists with this idiotic move.


Kate said...

I wouldn't even use that rag on the bottom on my birdcage....if I had a bird. I'd be afraid the bird would end up seriously demented. When is the Justice Dept. going to start investigating that....I can't use the word.

Peter said...

Have the bird relieve itself on pages from the Koran.