Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Drunk people do stupid stuff

Now this had to have hurt...

Driver Tries to Swallow Keys, Bites Cop

A Russian man whom police stopped for allegedly driving drunk tried to swallow his keys then bit an officer as the officer tried to retrieve them, a Russian news agency reported Tuesday.

The man, who was stopped overnight near Kemerovo, about 1,850 miles east of Moscow, admitted to police that he had drunk a half-liter of grain alcohol, RIA-Novosti reported, citing regional traffic spokeswoman Anna Kutonova.

As the police drew up the paperwork to confiscate the car, the man, identified only as a "Muscovite," put his keys in his mouth and tried to swallow them, the agency said.

One officer, fearing for the man's life, tried to retrieve the keys but the man bit him; only after donning gloves could the officer remove them, RIA-Novosti said. The man was charged with failing to follow police orders.

Kemerovo police officials could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

I am not to sure it was real bright of the police officer to stick his hands in the mouth of a drunk man, either.

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Kate said...

Humph! Should have let the idjit go ahead and try to swallow 'em.