Thursday, December 21, 2006

You gotta love the title to this story...

Check out this headline-

"Special committee fails to come up with ways to pay for Wis roads"

I cannot believe that this AP writer is actually blaming a "special committee" for the problems with paying the roads in Wisconsin.

A special legislative committee created to examine the state's transportation funding failed to come up with specific recommendations on how to make up an annual shortfall of nearly $700 million.

We have a way of paying for our roads with the taxes we pay into the Transportation fund, but Jim Doyle has robbed the fund blind.

Jim Doyle's way of balancing the budget is to steal from the Transportation fund and give the money to WEAC.

Well, now it is time to pay the piper. Now we cannot afford to pay for our roads because the Transportation fund has been robbed so many times.

While it stops short of recommending ways to raise money for transportation needs, a draft report released Wednesday did "strongly recommend" the state stop taking money from roads to make up deficits in other areas.

That is the "No. 1 point" of the report, said committee co-chair state Rep. Mark Gottlieb, R-Port Washington.

Even if the panel had recommended ways to raise more money, the state would still need to stop pulling funds from the transportation department to give to others, Gottlieb said. People might be willing to put more money into the state's transportation system if they knew it would be spent on roads and not diverted for other needs, he added.

This is a mess. There is no magic fix to the mess Jim Doyle created for us.

Jim Doyle succeeded in convincing voters that he had fixed the budget.

Now that the election is over, folks can clearly see that they were bald faced lied to by Jim Doyle.

Go ahead and add another $700 million a year to our every growing budget deficit!

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