Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kinda tacky

I have to say that I am really surprised. I received a fundraising yesterday in the mail. It was for one of the candidates running in November's elections.

After receiving dozens of fundraising letters before the election, which we all expect, I was really surprised to receive a letter so soon after the election.

My guess is that this particular candidate was still trying to pay for the last election or he has already begun to raise funds for the next election.

Either way, I just thought it was kind of tacky to ask for even more money a month after the elections.

Come on- can't you guys give us a break for a couple of months?

Really, just give us a few months before asking for money again, okay?

1 comment:

BBG said...

I wonder if we got one from the same person??? hummmmmmmmmmm

TACKY indeed