Tuesday, December 26, 2006

J.B. has a few folks running scared.

Good for JB. Some folks are frightened by what JB will do when he enters the office of Attorney General.

Good these folks should be scared.

JB promised that he would fight the real criminals and not create his own set of rules to enforce.

After Lautenschlager made criminals out of cranberry growers and ignored the sexual predators roaming the streets, we need someone to enforce the laws and do something that actually keep the citizens of this state safe.

We don't necessarily need to be protected from cranberry growers. However, we do need an Attorney General to protect us from sexual predators, murderers, thieves, etc...


Some are concerned about how Van Hollen will proceed. Bruce Nilles, an attorney for the Sierra Club, said Van Hollen made some "terrifying statements" during the campaign and, as a result, environmental protection experts are on alert.

"His actions and his statements so far do not bode well, but at the end of the day the real evidence is what does he actually do," Nilles said. "Does he actually try to reach out and demonstrate he's representing all of us and not just those who put him in office?"

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce spokesman Jim Pugh said Van Hollen ran as an independent prosecutor who would enforce laws, not try to create them.

"If there's a business in Wisconsin that's breaking the law and the attorney general is responsible for enforcing that law, he should get busy enforcing that law," said Pugh, whose group spent $2.5 million on ads against Falk. "No one expects to have it any other way."

The Sierra Club should be scared. They helped Lautenschlager make of mockery of Wisconsin laws by turning our cranberry growers into criminals.

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