Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A huge waste of 1 million dollars

Today, the report from the Iraq Study Group will be out with their suggestions for change in Iraq.

So what will the Iraq Study Group's report recommend as a new direction for Iraq?

Tada- here it is(from USA Today):

The bipartisan commission is expected to advise gradually phasing the mission of U.S. troops in Iraq from combat to training and supporting Iraqi units, with a goal of pulling back American combat troops by early 2008. It is also expected to urge a more energetic effort to involve Iraq's neighbors in ending violence there, including Iran and Syria, which the U.S. considers pariah states.

Yep- that is it folks. Nothing new to see here.

President Bush has been saying this for years.

'As Iraqis Stand Up, We Will Stand Down,' Bush Tells Nation

This bipartisan study group has now told us the same exact thing we have heard for years and it only cost us a million dollars-

The bipartisan group was initiated earlier this year by Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., who returned from a trip to Iraq calling for a high-powered bipartisan task force that could assess U.S. options. Wolf added $1 million to a 2006 spending bill to fund the group.

Bill Kristol makes the same observation:

Thus, according to at least six separate commission sources sent out to pre-spin the press, the Baker-Hamilton report will call for a gradual and partial withdrawal of American forces in Iraq, to begin at a time unspecified and to be completed by a time unspecified. The goal will be to hand over responsibility for security in Iraq to the Iraqis themselves as soon as this is feasible, and to shift the American role to training rather than fighting the insurgency and providing security. The decision of how far, how fast, and even whether to withdraw will rest with military commanders in Iraq, who will base their determination on how well prepared the Iraqis are to take over. Even after the withdrawal, the study group envisions keeping at least 70,000 American troops in Iraq for years to come.

Basically, winning in Iraq will take patience.

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