Monday, December 04, 2006

Bolton has resigned

I think we all knew this was coming.

John Bolton has resigned from the UN.

Some folks did not like Bolton's personality, which is why he was never confirmed and with the new Democratic Senate, he has no chance of ever being confirmed.

Critics have questioned Bolton's brusque style and whether he could be an effective public servant who could help bring reform to the U.N.

We need someone in the UN that will stand up for the United States, instead of solely standing up for the international community.

Being a US representative to the UN means that you represent the US, not the UN!


krshorewood said...

The question is, what part of the US did Bolton think he was representing? That would be the 30% who still back Bush. So actually we need someone who fronts for the whole country unlike Captain Kangaroo from Hell.

jeff said...

You are right, krshorewood. What we need is a 'shadow' government for those who didnt vote for the Administration which was. Of course, that would mean a second set of offices, a second set of assistants and more of our tax dollars going to Washington.

Also, you should address the shortcomings of the Democratic Party including the Senior Senator from Massachusetts who is an unconvicted murderer, the Speaker of the House-elect who talks about unions and minority rights yet has a vineyard where she and her husband are fighting an unionization of the croppickers by the UFW, and the Representative from Massachusetts whose boyfriend ran a prostition ring out of the apartment they shared.

Stick to arguments of policy because in a character debate both parties have little moral high ground.

krshorewood said...

What a load of cynical crap Jeff. Aside from the charge against Kerry that is an out and out lie, no one is without some kind of stain in this country, especially with our reliance on a lot of sweat shop labor for a lot of our goods. So that means we should condone people being pigs and un-Christian right Jeff?

jeff said...

No, we shouldnt. That's my point. If you want to attack policies--go ahead. Personal attacks dont belong in politics. My blog was merely that the pot should never call the kettle black.

The senior Senator from Massachusetts is Teddy Kennedy not John Kerry.

Remember Ted's drunken midnight drive off a bridge which his passenger didnt survive?!