Friday, December 01, 2006

Okay, so it snowed

We got 16-18 inches here in Kenosha.

Since I have vacation days to burn, I already had today scheduled off. Perfect timing I guess. I didn't have to trek 50 miles to work this morning in the mess.

The kids have already hit the sledding hill by my place.

Looks like so much fun, I think I will go and join them.

Edited to add:

So who knew that hill was so steep?

I am happy to report that I made it to the top of the sledding hill more than one time.

The lesson that I have learned? I am too old to have fun!


condiforprez said...

You're going sledding? Show me pictures.

Kate said...

Today was one of those RARE days I was grateful I didn't live farther south. We only got about an inche of that white stuff. :)

K. Carpenter said...

Sorry, condiforprez. No pictures allowed.

Rumor has it that your neck of the woods got about 20 inches of snow.

condiforprez said...

Not quite 20 inches, maybe 16. You're never too old to have fun, just too old NOT to have aches and pains after having fun.