Tuesday, December 19, 2006

DNA backlog continues to grow and grow

I caught something in the Kenosha News today that apparently was announced yesterday. Since I cannot link to the Kenosha News, I found a different story on this-


MADISON, Wis. The backlog of cases waiting for D-N-A testing at the state's crime labs continues to grow. That's despite a new state crime lab, tax dollars for additional analysts and automated testing.

Figures released today show the state crime labs in Madison and Milwaukee will end 2006 with evidence in more than 17-hundred cases still waiting for D-N-A testing.

Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager blames the backlog on law enforcement agencies submitting more and more pieces of evidence that need testing. She says the number of submissions has grown 91 percent from 2003 to 2006.

The attorney general, who was not re-elected, says the number of D-N-A cases completed has increased -- from one-thousand-225 in 2003 to one-thousand-685 in 2006.

Wisconsin's backlog had grown even though the Madison lab had 12 (m) million in renovations in 2004, the state budget authorized four more analysts and both crime labs added robotic testing this year.

Lautenschlager blames the backlog on law enforcement??? Good grief. Thank goodness this lady was not re-elected.

Common sense would be to lead most people to believe the backlog may be a result in the massive increase in crimes being committed in Wisconsin. Lautenschlager should have used this excuse and not blamed law enforcement officials for doing their jobs.

Over $12 million has been spent to upgrade the system to improve the backlog. Still things have gotten worse.

Apparently $12 million does not buy what it used to!

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