Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snuffaluffagus or Eeyore?

I am finally able to get caught up with some things after a busy week.

The week started off in a pretty interesting way. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett started of the week with a bang(kinda) announcing he was running for governor. Interestingly enough, there was no real bang.

Not even a week into the announcement, Mayor Barrett's announcement has already fallen off the radar screen. I do not care which side of the aisle you lean towards, all have to admit that Mayor Barrett's lack of enthusiasm is very apparent. Worse yet, the lack of enthusiasm state wide is even more apparent.

Maybe there are some democrats that are excited, but I have not really seen that yet.

I really got a kick out of Vicki McKenna's evaluation of the situation on Monday. She likened the lack of enthusiasm from the mayor to Snuffaluffagus. A few moments later, someone added Eeyore to the mix.

So which is it? Snuffaluffagus or Eeyore?

We all love Snuffaluffagus and Eeyore, but would you make either of them your governor?

Listen to Vicki's audio here.

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