Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Republicans were blamed

Hat Tip Michelle Malkin

Over and over again, Republicans were blamed for murdering a census worker in Kentucky. At least it had to be our fault because we were objecting to the ACORN administering the census. The guy was a census worker with the federal government.

You see the entire theory was that because of the whole tea party movement, Republicans had turned into such an angry mob that we were now killing people. Glen Beck and Rep. Michelle Bachmann.

Check out this flaming lunatic's blog:

Despite fomenting by comments like Bachmann's "enough is enough" (as seen in the video at right), Sparkman's death having come on September 12 (the day which Beck had called for his "9/12 Movement" Teabagger protests in D.C.), and the letters scrawled on Sparkman's chest, there is not yet definitive evidence that the hanging was tied to the Bachmann/Beck movement, though the blogosphere is understandably abuzz about it today.

After tea partiers and Republicans were accused of murdering this census worker, law enforcement was pretty quick to state that this may have been a suicide.

That did not stop lunatics. Check out this guy's outrageous claims:

That's the detail that makes you stop and think. If this was a revenge murder for stumbling upon a meth lab or pot plantation, it's hard to understand why such a big deal would be made out of his census identification card. It's possible, I suppose, that anger at the feds in general could make a drug dealer murder a census worker. But the most worrying possibility - that this is Southern populist terrorism, whipped up by the GOP and its Fox and talk radio cohorts - remains real. We'll see.

This is the same lunatic that started the whole theory that Trig Palin is not Governor Palin's son. He has demanded the Governor take a paternity test, harassed the Palin family doctor and leads the entire Trig Truther movement. The guy still believes that Trig is actually Bristol's son and not Governor Palin's.

Rep Michelle Bachmann was pretty much called a murderer because she was part of instigating the revolt against the government.

The truth is out now, the guy killed himself. It appears the guy thought he was dying, so he killed himself and tried to make it look like murder so he family would get the benefits.

You have to wonder about people sometimes.

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